Monday- February 18,2019- Week One- Day One

3 Sets:

30 sec KB Front Rack Wall Sit Hold

30 sec Nose to Wall Hand Stand Hold

50 Ft DB Waiter Walk (50 ft right arm/50 ft left arm)

Back Squat @ Tempo: 5×4 (4 seconds down and explode up)

Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance + OHS: (1+1+1). Work up to a challenging set, but don’t surpass 7-8 sets. 

Snatch + Clean + Snatch (1+1+1) x 5 working sets. 

*yes, you read that right.. use the same bar and weights and try and make the fluidity of your snatches and cleans the same. 

3 sets: 

Pull Ups x 10

Push Ups x 15

Ab Mat Sit ups x 20

Friday, February 8, 2019- Week Seven- Day Five

Snatch Balance: 3,3,2,2,1,1

In between sets, for 3 sets,  do the burgener warm up with a PVC pipe. 

Jerk Dip + Jerk (1+1) x 5 working sets. 

Power Snatch: 3,3,2,2,1,1

3 sets:

Hip extension + Two Arm DB Row (at top of hip extension perform a row) x 10 

Flutter kicks while holding dumbbells locked out in bench position x 60 seconds 

Hammer Curls x 10