Tension Lost is Weakness Gained

When a barbell is light, life feels a little more manageable. We’re in control and we LOVE it. Our movement feels fluid and fast and efficient. 

Then, as my dad used to say, “you put a flipping (definitely did NOT say flipping) fly on the bar and your movement goes to crap (definitely did not say crap)!”. 

In other words, when we put more weight on the bar, we have a really hard time keeping our movement the same!

Heavier weight tends to freak us out and causes us to disconnect from all of our good positions.. from the start to the finish. It feels heavy off the ground, so we buckle and let it kick our butt and it slows down our entire movement! 

When we can’t maintain positioning, we can’t get an aggressive drive. And when we can’t get an aggressive drive, our movement is slow and ugly. 

Tension lost in the start is explosion lost in our jump. 

The more we allow our lats to disengage and our midline to loosen and our upper back to sag right when we pull off the floor, the more and more power we are stealing from our legs when we go to jump that bar overhead.

So, before your lift off, take a deep breath in, BRACE your midline, SQUEEZE your lats and upper back with everything you have, and MAINTAIN a rigid back angle ALL THE WAY through your lift off so that you can drive like a bat out of hell!! 

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