Jump up, Punch Down

When watching advanced level athletes, it’s easy to see the speed of their hips. Their change of direction is a thing of beauty!! Their hips are up and then they’re down in a split second!

However, just because the hips play an extremely critical role in accelerating the barbell, sometimes JUST thinking about the hips creates this involuntary horiztonal hip drive INTO that barbell.. forcing the bar to drift away from our body. The farther that barbell gets from our body, the less control we have over it.

Taking the focus from the hips and transferring it onto the legs can help us to still get the necessary hip speed, but will also get our hips moving in the proper direction: straight up and down. 

In other words.. let the legs do the work and allow the hips to follow along for the ride. 

When we jump, and use our strong legs the way they’re meant to be used (while simultaneously thinking of driving our feet STRAIGHT into the ground), the energy we put into the floor transfers back into our legs and then up through our hips. This forces them to move in a vertical fashion. 

Our hips moving vertically allows the bar to move vertically…creating a much more efficient bar path. 

After this vertical elevation of the bar, we shrug our shoulders to INITIATE the hips moving DOWN. But we can’t stop there, we must continue that speed under and solidify our strong overhead position by PUNCHING our body down into the overhead squat (aka the bottom of the snatch)!

In simple terms: you must jump the bar up, then shrug and punch the body down. 

-Sage Burgener

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