99% of Life’s Problems Can Be Solved By The Lats

Author’s Note: The title of this post may or may not be slightly misleading.

95% of the time, I know whether a lift is going to be successful or not simply by looking at the movement in the first inch off the ground.

Sometimes lifts go wrong because the back angle is compromised. Sometimes lifts go wrong because the weight shifts too far forward or too far back on the feet.

However, more often than not, a lift gets thrown off due to the lack of engagement of the lats.

Now, most of the time, people have great intentions with their lats and set them strong in their set up, but as soon as the barbell leaves the ground, they get lazy and the barbell feels heavy and they allow that weight to pull their lats out of position.

Other times, people don’t set the lats at all. If you look at their start position, you’ll see that their chest is sort of caved… shoulders rolled forward.. torso in a weak position.

To avoid these things, we need to set a ritual for our starting position, be SUPER extra with our intentions and stick with our game plan every single time we address the barbell.

Example: Breathe in, engage lats, hold, lift.

Be careful not to breathe in, engage and then lift. We need that “hold”.

That extra pause allows the lats to fully settle into place…making it harder for them to be pulled out of place once the movement begins.

Try it out and watch your lift sky rocket!

-Sage Burgener


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