Proper Overhead Position

When it comes to overhead stability in the snatch, people struggle immensely… mainly because there are a lot of debates on whether internal or external rotation is best! And people aren’t sure which way to go!

While we have OUR opinion, we know that there are many ways to skin a cat! Try our way for a few weeks (and probably PR your snatch), and if you don’t like it, move on! If you DO like it.. we get dibs on naming your first born child. 

We believe in external rotation PAIRED with internal torque. 

How to accomplish this:

  1. Barbell overhead in snatch grip. 
  2. Crease of elbow facing the ceiling. Armpits straight ahead. 
  3. Reach the hands up.. noting the lats and shoulders raise up AS A RESULT.. the emphasis is not just on raising the shoulders alone.

Break the bar in half, or think of bending the bar into a rainbow shape (this is internal torque!)



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