The Bend And Snap

On the jerk, the tempo of the dip and drive can be hard to find. But in order to feel as if things are moving fluidly and efficiently, we need to understand that timing is everything! 

To find the correct tempo and timing on the dip and drive, I like to think about USING the movement of the barbell to help me!. 

For instance, when squatting heavy weight, if timed correctly, we can use the bend of the barbell at the bottom of the squat to help us out of the hole. 

We can use that SAME bend of the bar to help us on the jerk! 

Here’s how:

Stand up from your clean and adjust your hands and elbows into the proper rack position as you prepare for the jerk (elbows down and out, bar in as much of the hands as your mobility allows) . 

Relax your hands, take a deep breath in, pause (as you allow the bar to settle), and then dip at an average speed… not so fast that you disconnect from the bar and not so slow where you start to lose power and momentum. 

And AS you’re dipping and driving, SEE the ends of the barbell BEND right as you hit the bottom of the dip. After it bends, it’s going to WHIP back up! And you’re going to USE that bend and whip (bend and snap, if you will) to propel that bar off your shoulders and up over your head!

Get the timing down and USE the movement of the barbell to help get that bar elevating as much as possible. 

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