Tips on 18.4

It’s easy to assume that 18.4 has nothing to do with olympic weightlifting, but we all know what they say about assuming….

This week, we’ll keep our workout tips short and to the point as we basically had to get a permit for the length of last week’s post.

Luckily, our community is filled with STRONG individuals. This makes the deadlift segment of the workout extremely appealing to most. However, handstand push ups create a different sort of fatigue.. even if we’re not necessarily lacking in shoulder strength and stability.

Dave Castro secretly loves us, so kipping handstand push ups are allowed. This means that we can use timing and momentum to our advantage!

We talk a lot about the importance of positioning and tempo on our dip and drive for a push press, push jerk, jerks, etc. The descent is smooth and controlled, which allows us to be extremely explosive as we drive the bar up over our head (slow is smooth, smooth is fast).

A kipping handstand push up is really no different from a push press! The hand placement is much like a proper rack position with our elbows in more of a 45 degrees angle, but in a handstand push up, the head and hands make more of a triangle. However,  the timing of the kip is almost identical to the timing of our dip and drive!

Think of the knees coming down on your handstand push ups as being the equivalent of your dip on your push press…the build up of energy and momentum. And then, as soon as your knees hit proper depth, you aggressively drive with the legs and hips… allowing all of that momentum to lead you into a fast punching/pressing of the arms.

If your knees come down too fast, or your midline is loose through the kip, or your timing of the down into the up is off, the movement will feel choppy and difficult.

But if your focus is on fluidity and timing and engagement of your midline, you’ll propel your head off the floor much like you propel a barbell off your shoulders.

Good luck on this one, guys!!

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