Wednesday – December 29

Strength: Front squat: 10 rounds – Every 90 seconds perform:
-1x pause front squat + 1x front squat (Work up to a max 1+1 for the day)
*For the pause squat, pause for 3 seconds in the bottom position.

Work Capacity: Complete 6 rounds for time of:
10x 2-arm dumbbell hang squat clean (45#/30#)
6x handstand push-ups on dumbbells

8 Responses to “Wednesday – December 29”

  1. Travis Isaac

    FS: Worked to 275 no belt in my 10 rounds. Then did 285 with a belt.
    Metcon: 10:15 Rx (Too much biceps in the hang squat cleans. New movement for me!)

    • Travis Isaac

      Alai: Did the workout from Monday. 3:36 Rx. Man you smoked me. My lack of engine killed me. Awesome job.

  2. Alai

    The place could use some extra comments Travis. Maybe coach Beau should threat to quit again (please don’t!)
    I have no DBs, so I used 20kg KBs and 45s for deficit. Round 1 no problem, after that my lower back was just destroyed, I had to take huge breaks because of lower back pain. 11:35 with that config, HSPUs easy, fast and unbroken. Cleans, anyway I could.

    Nice work on that burpees/snatches workout!


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