Tuesday – December 27

Skill Work: 3 Rounds, not timed:
-25m yoke carry/farmers carry (Heavy)
-10x Turkish get ups, 5R/5La (Light weight)
-Shooters choice (You choose a skill that is a weakness and throw it in as the 3rd movement for today’s skill work)

1: Push Press- Warm up, then:
-75%x 5 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 95%x 1+ reps.
Add 5# to your push press PB, then take the percentages from 90% of that number for the next 3 weeks of this cycle.

Work Capacity: “Heavy Jackie”…reversed. Complete each of the following for time:
-30x chest to bar pull ups
-50x thrusters (95#/65#)
-1000m row

7 Responses to “Tuesday – December 27”

  1. Travis Isaac

    Skill Work: 70# KB OH single arm used for farmers walk. 35# KB used for TGU. Did pull-up work for third component.

    Added the snatches from yesterday. Worked to 205#. Hit one full and one hang at 225# but couldn’t get the grip for the second one.

    Push Press: 180, 205, 225×4

    Metcon: 11:15 Rx

    • Alai

      I wanted to see how you’d do on yesterday’s metcon… I had no time for todays. Great numbers for those snatches

  2. Travis Isaac

    I didn’t get the chance to do it because they posted so late but I may just double up tomorrow since it’s so short. Did you do power or full snatches? I practiced two workouts for an upcoming comp with my partner and did the backsquats. So it ended up working out.

  3. Najm Mamkegh

    1)- used the 28kg for the farmer carry oh.
    And the 35# for the Turkish get ups . And my choice was muscle ups .
    2)- 185/215/235(4reps)
    3)- Jackie : 7:51 RX

  4. Joe c

    70#2 farmers carry
    35 tug
    Choice: hand stand hold and walk

    Push press 205 225 245×2
    Work: 10:23 rx

  5. Ryan g

    70#famers carry
    20#tgu prob a bit to light
    Double unders getting a lot better
    155 185 and 205
    13:54 rx


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