Saturday – December 31

1: Bench Press- Warm up, then:
–75%x 5, 85%x 3, 95%x 1+.
Add 5# to your bench press PB, then take the percentages from 90% of that number to find your percentages.

Work Capacity: Complete the following for time…

The goal is to accumulate 2000m row. Kicker is that at the top of every minute, perform the prescribed number of thrusters at 95#/65# before getting back on the ERG. It starts with row and goes like this:
0:00-1:00 = Row as many meters as possible .
1:00-2:00 = 1 thruster, row for meters
2:00-3:00 = 2 thrusters, row for meters
3:00-4:00 = 3 thrusters, row for meters
4:00-5:00 = 4 thrusters, row for meters
*Keep going until you get to 2000 meters or hit the 20 minute time cap.

6 Responses to “Saturday – December 31”

  1. Nino

    Did push press instead of bench, I skipped it the other day.
    80kg x 5, 85kg x 3, 90kg x 1

    I’m pretty sure iv done this workout once before and finished it before 11min ( 10 thruster).
    Today did it in 11:45 (11 thrusters). I wonder what all the other fellas got

  2. Travis Isaac

    Bench Press: 210, 235, 265×3
    Metcon: Made it to 1517 m and the thrusters got the best of me. Pretty tough.
    Did some crossover symmetry for cooldown.


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