Friday – December 30

1: Deadlift: Warm up, then:
-75%x 5 reps, 85%x 3 reps, 95%x 1+ reps.
Add 10# to your deadlift PB, then take the percentages from 90% of that number for your working weights.

4 Responses to “Friday – December 30”

  1. Travis Isaac

    DL: 310, 350, 390×3 warmed up and did this in under 20 minutes. Little rushed so didn’t push it.

    Jumped in with the class to get breathing.

  2. Bradley

    Did not deadlift today. Will do it tomorrow. Was feeling so sore from those pause squats yesterday. So I did a recovery workout.

    10min handstand walk skill work

    25 cal row
    9 overhead squats 75/55
    25 cal row
    15 overhead squats
    25 cal row
    21 overhead squats

    3 rounds of
    1min plank
    12 barbell back extensions
    Some lightweight recovery is what I needed today.


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