2016 Open: 16.1

Josh-Everett Josh Everett, CrossFit Games OG, will provide strategies and tips for each Open workout this season! If you’ve ever spent any time around Josh as a coach or athlete, you know, he’s the real deal. Josh’s insights will be posted here each week!

20-min. AMRAP:

25-ft. overhead lunge
8 burpees
25-ft. overhead lunge
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

M 95 lb. W 65 lb.

Josh’s advice:
1. Keep Moving! Pace properly at the beginning. Be the tortiose not the hare.

2. Commit to doing all of the lunges unbroken – adding snatches to this workout isn’t advisable. If you need to rest, do it during transitions or by breaking up the pull-ups or the burpees. I guarantee you’ll take longer to get back on the lunges than you will to restart burpees or pull-ups.

3. Set a goal for time spent per round… probably 2 goals… one pace for the first 10 minutes and one pace for the 2nd half. Take the workout 1 round at a time and commit to hitting your individual round goals.

11 Responses to “2016 Open: 16.1”

      • Stephanie

        Thanks! I was super stoked I did each one one at a time. I had to kip and then pull at the top to do it? The lunges and burpees felt great

  1. Ryan Pack

    7.5 rounds ( 195 Reps)

    -should have done some shoulder mobility before bc these were tight and affected my rhythm on the C2B’s
    – thought the transition from the OHL’s to the C2B’s was the hardest part.

    Legs are sore today

  2. Sebastien Benisty

    did it saturday morning… jump off the bed
    189 reps RX
    maybee I could do 208 but don’t want to redo
    good luck for 16.2


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