Weightlifter WOD

Wednesday, January 23, 2019- Week Five- Day Three

Snatch Strict Press Behind The Neck + Tempo OHS ( 5 seconds down, 3 second hold in bottom): (5+3) x 3 sets.

*in between sets, perform crossover symmetry.  

Snatch High Pull +Power Snatch with a pause (pause in receive for 1 second) + OHS: (1+1+1) x 5 working sets. 

Clean Pull + Power Clean with pause in receive (pause for one second) + Push Jerk: (1+1+1) x 4 sets. Stay light and work speed here. 

3 sets: 

Single Arm Front Rack KB Hold Goblet Squat x 7 each side

Single arm KB Waiter Hold Step Up x 7 each leg

Strict Toes to Bar or V-Ups x 10 t2b/15 v- ups

Tuesday, January 22, 2018- Week Five- Day Two

Jerk Dip + Tall Jerk + Press in Split+ Jerk: (1+1+1+1) x 3 sets.

*in between sets perform a 30 second handstand hold .

Hang Clean (go from the ground up, not from the top down) + Front Squat + Clean + Jerk: (1+1+1+1) x 5

Clean Deadlift to Mid Knee + Clean Pull: (2+3) x 4 sets.

3 sets: 

Ab mat sit ups x 25

Push ups x 15

KB Windmill x 5/ side

Monday, January 21, 2019- Week Five- Day One

Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance + OHS: (1+1+1) x 5

Hang Snatch + Snatch High Pull + Snatch: (1+1+1) x 5 working sets. 

*in between sets perform 3 reps of: 5 Position Pause Snatch Deadlift (You will pause 1 inch off the ground, below the knee, above the knee, mid thigh and “power position”). With a light barbell. 

Pause Back Squat + Back Squat: (2+2) x 5

3 sets: 

10 Ring Dips. 

20 Hollow Rocks of 30 sec Hollow Hold

Forearm plank into straight arm plank x 30 seconds (Move up and down from your forearms up into a straight arm plank, back down into a forearm plank. Keep going for 30 seconds.