Wednesday, August 1, 2018- Week Eight- Day Three 


3 sets:

Low Bar Box Squats: 3×8. Pick a medium weight and hit for all three sets. 

Single Arm DB Press + Single Arm DB OHS (5+5). Press and ohs on right arm and then switch to the left arm. 

2 sets:

Pull ups or lat pull downs x 10

Light Dumbbell Flies x 10. Slow and Controlled. 

L sit on parallels or rings x 30-45 seconds. accumulate if needed. 

Friday, July 27, 2018- Week Seven- Day Five

Tall Snatch + Snatch Balance without a Dip + Zotts Press: 3x (3+3)

Push Press: 10,8,6,4,2

Snatch Jump (Just like a snatch pull but i want you to jump as high as you can to get your legs firing properly) + Power Snatch + Snatch: (2+1+!) x 5. Keep these lighter and work on fast, aggressive leg drive!

*in between power snatch sets, perform 3 max height box jumps for a total of 5 sets. These are used to help reinforce proper firing of the legs. How your legs feel on your box jump is how they should feel on the power snatch!

Power Clean + Push jerk: (3+3)x2, (2+2)x2, (1+1)x2

Snatch Deadlift: 3×3

Wednesday, July 25, 2018- Week Seven- Day Three


3 sets:

DB Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 each leg. 

Hand Stand Hold or Seated 2 arm DB Hold Overhead x 30-60 seconds. 

Pull Ups or Lat Pull Downs x 5-10 Slow and Controlled. 

3 sets:

DB Incline Bench x 10 

Banded Pull Aparts x 25

DB Flies x 10

Weighted Planks x 45-60 seconds


3 rounds:

Sled Push SPRINT x 50 ft

OH Walking lunge x 20 steps (hold 25# plate overhead)

15 perfect push ups