Wednesday, November 8, 2017- Week Two- Day Three

1. Pause Snatch Balance+ Snatch Balance: (1+2)x5  Pause for 3 seconds at the bottom.

2. Power Snatch: 2×3, 2×2,2×1. Move up in weight but stay light-ISH to work on shrugging under FAST.

3. Front Squat: 2×5,2×4,1×3. Move up in weight each set.

4. Three Sets Of:

Hollow Holds or Tuck Holds: Accumulate 60 seconds each set.

Reverse Hypers x 15

Tall Box Jumps x 5

Friday, November 3rd, 2017- Week One-Day Five

1. Tall Jerk + behind the neck press in jerk split stance: (3+3) x 4. LIGHT. Work the drive DOWN on the tall jerk.

2. Dip+ Dip+ Jerk: (1+1+1) x 3. Medium light. Work the timing AND POSITIONING of your dip and drive.

3. Power clean+Push Jerk+Jerk: (1+1+1) x 5 @ 67% of best power clean.

4. Snatch pull: 3×5 @ 85-90% of best snatch

5. 3 sets:

Weighted sit ups x 15

Side planks x 60 seconds each side

1 arm dumbbell press x 10 each arm

Wednesday, November 1, 2017- Week One- Day Three

1. Snatch Balance: 5×3. Work up to a fairly challenging triple, but no misses! We’re trying to establish a baseline for where we are at with our snatch balance.


2. Power Snatch: 4×3 @67% of best power snatch. Work SPEED and TIMING!

3. Front Squat: 4×5. You can choose to move up in weight each set or stay at the same weight for all 4 sets. Make your sets count. Meaning, don’t count the empty bar as one of your sets!!

4. 3 sets:

Hollow Holds or Tuck Holds x 60 sec

Reverse Hypers x 25

Tall Box Jumps x 5. Be as explosive as possible!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017- Week One, Day Two

1. Push Press: 5×3. Work up to a fairly challenging triple, but no fails.

2. Halting Clean deadlift + Clean: (1+2)x 5 @ 67% of best clean. Halt right above the knee and work on feeling your shoulders over the bar and weight on your full foot.. not back on your heels.

3. Clean Pulls: 3×5 @ 85-90% of best clean. Use straps if needed.

4. 3 sets:

Strict Pull ups x 10

Barbell step ups x 10 each leg. 10 on the right and then 10 on the left. Not alternating. You choose weight.

Kb side bends x 20 each side.

Monday- October 30, 2017- Week One- Day One

The past 5 weeks have been SO fun! They were my way of introducing my style of programming to our weightlifting family/community! I wanted to take a second and thank each of you who reached out and shared your PRs and struggles and successes with me! I LOVE hearing from you guys! So, PLEASE! Don’t be shy! Email me: Sage@crossfitweightlifting.com. Ask questions, share your stories and let me be a part of your weightlifting journey!

My focus for these next 12 weeks is to increase your exposure to the skill transfer exercises (snatch balance, push jerk, overhead squat, push press, etc) in hopes that your strength and confidence increase in the actual snatch and clean and jerk.

1. Snatch push press+ OHS: (3+3) x 3 @ 67%

2. 3 Pos Snatch (high hang, mid patella, floor): 65% for 3-4 sets

3. Back Squat: 7×3 @ 70% of best back squat

4. 3 sets:

Stiff Legged Deadlift x10

Hip Bridges w/ resistance band around knees x 10. Hold at the top and squeeze glutes for 3 seconds

Planks on Boxes with weight hanging from hips x 60 seconds