Sage Burgener

Friday, February 8, 2019- Week Seven- Day Five

Snatch Balance: 3,3,2,2,1,1

In between sets, for 3 sets,  do the burgener warm up with a PVC pipe. 

Jerk Dip + Jerk (1+1) x 5 working sets. 

Power Snatch: 3,3,2,2,1,1

3 sets:

Hip extension + Two Arm DB Row (at top of hip extension perform a row) x 10 

Flutter kicks while holding dumbbells locked out in bench position x 60 seconds 

Hammer Curls x 10

Wednesday, february 6, 2019-Week seven- Day Three

Snatch Strict Press Behind The Neck + Tempo OHS ( 3 seconds down, 3 second hold in bottom) + Drop Snatch + Zotts Press: (3+3+3+3) x 3 sets.

In between sets perform crossover symmetry (I, T, Y’s) 

Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch: (1+1+1+1) x 3 working sets. 

Snatch Pull + Snatch High Pull + Snatch: (1+1+1) x 3 working sets. 

Clean Pull + Pause Power Clean (pause in receive for 2 seconds) + Push Press: (1+1+1) x 4 sets. Let the Push Press be the limiting factor. 

3 sets: 

KB Front Rack Hold x 60 seconds. Every 10 seconds perform a press. 

Single arm KB Waiter Hold Step Up x 7 each leg

Strict Toes to Bar or V-Ups x 10 t2b/15 v- ups

Tuesday, february 5, 2019- Week Seven- Day Two

Jerk Dip + Jerk + Behind the neck Jerk dip + behind the neck jerk: (1+1+1+1) x 3 sets.

*in between sets perform DB Z Press x 10 reps.

Clean Pull + Clean + Front Squat + Clean + Jerk: (1+1+1+1+1) x 3 working sets.

Clean and jerk: 3 singles. 

Clean Pull: 4×3. heavy but fast 

3 sets: 

GHD sit ups x 15

DB Bench x 15

KB Windmill x 5/ side

Monday, February 4, 2019- Week Seven- Day One

Snatch Push Press + OHS: (2+1) x 4. work up to a heavy double

3 Position Pause Snatch Deadlift into a Jump and Shrug + Snatch  (1+1) x 5 working sets.

*Pause one inch off ground, mid knee and mid thigh for three seconds at each position. From the mid thigh position, jump and shrug as hard as you can. Reset the bar to the ground and then snatch.   

Snatch: 5 singles. 

Back Squat: Work up to a heavy single FOR the day. Then take 60-65% of todays’ weight and hit for 3 x 10. 

3 sets: 

Ring Dips: max reps in 60 seconds. 

Ring dips with band: max reps in 30 seconds. 

Plank on Ball: 60 total seconds. move arms in clockwise and counter clockwise circles while in plank. 

Friday, February 1, 2019- Week Six- Day Five

Snatch Balance: 5×2. Build up to a heavy double. 

in between sets, DB Z press x 5 reps. Heavy

Behind the Neck Jerk: 3,2,2,1,1,1. Work up to a heavy single for the day.

Snatch from the blocks (barbell right above knee): 3,3,2,2,1,1

3 sets:

Hip extension + 2 arm DB Row (at top of hip extension) (1+2) x 10 reps

Flutter kicks x 60 seconds 

Hammer Curls x 10