Sage Burgener

Monday Dec 18, 2017- Week Eight- Day One. Back Off Week

1. Snatch push press+ OHS + Snatch Balance (1+1+1) x5sets @ 65%% of best snatch.

2. Power Snatch: 5×3 work up to a medium weight throughout the 5 sets. Keep these snappy and fast!

3. Pause Back Squat + Back Squat (1+1) x 5. Work up in weight each set. Work up to a heavy load, but no misses.

4. 3 sets:

Push Ups x max reps in 30 seconds

Straight arm  Plank on Boxes with weight hanging from hipsx 60 sec.

Saturday, Dec 16th, 2017- Week Seven- Day Six

1. Heavy snatch FOR THE DAY

2. Heavy clean and jerk FOR THE DAY

3. Heavy Front Squat: Build to a heavy single in no more than 5 sets.

4. 3 Sets:

Front Rack Lunge with Front Foot on 3” riser x 10 each leg. All 10 reps on right leg before switching to left.

Strict Knees to chest into hanging L-sit x 10-15. Super slow and controlled. Hold each position for 2 seconds.

If you have a sled or prowler, do some heavy sprints! 3 sprints that take about 15 seconds. If you don’t have a sled or prowler, do 4 sets of 30 sec sprints on air assault bike or rower. Rest 90 seconds in between each sprint.

Friday, Dec 15, 2017- Week Seven- Day Five

1. Split Jerk with Dumbbells+ DB Press in split: (5+10)x 3. Use this as a warm up to work stabilization and balance. Palms facing each other.

2. Push Press: 3×5. Establish a medium heavy weight and hit for all three sets of five.

3. Clean Pull+ Power clean+ Jerk (1+1+1+1) x 5.

Work up in weight through the course of the 5 sets. Don’t start counting sets until you reach ~65%. I want the power to be snappy and explosive with emphasis on leg drive!

4. Trap Bar Deadlifts or Deadlifts on 2” riser: 4×3 @ 95-97% of best clean

5. Three Sets of:

Weighted sit upsx 20

Slow Weighted Russian Twists x 30 reps

DB Flies x 10

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017- Week Seven- Day Three

1. Snatch Balance + OHS (2+1) x 3 @ 77%, (1+1) x 3 @80% of best snatch or snatch balance. Depending on whichever one is higher.

2. Snatch Pull+Power Snatch+ Snatch: (1+2+1) x 2, (1+1+1) x 5. Move up in weight each set but keep your movement snappy and fast!

3. Pause Front Squat+Front Squat: 5x(2+1). Pause for 3 seconds. Work up in weight each set. But make sure to uphold the pause in the bottom! Make sure to stay tight and active when you’re in the bottom of the squat. Pause does not mean relax!

4. 3 Sets:

Hollow Holds or Tuck Holds x 30 sec.. straight into 20 jack knives or v- ups.

Weighted hip extensions x 10-15 with 3 sec hold at top to squeeze glutes. Put barbell on back in high rack position and keep grip close to engage upper back.

If you have a sled or prowler, do some heavy sprints! 3 sprints. If you don’t have a sled or prowler, do 4 sets of 30 sec sprints on air assault bike or rower. Rest 90 seconds in between each sprint.

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017- Week Seven- Day Two

1. Dip+ Pause Split Jerk: (2+2)x2, (2+1) x 5. Build up in weight each set. Go as heavy as you can while still maintaining a 3 second pause in split receiving position.

*Don’t be afraid to mark your feet so that you have a visual for where your feet should land.

2. Clean Deadlift to 2” off the ground (pause for 2 seconds) + Clean Pull + Clean: (1+1+1) x 3 @ 77% of best clean and jerk, (1+1+1) x 3 @ 80% of best clean.

3. Clean Pulls: 4×3 @ 100% of best clean

4. 3 Sets:

Weighted Tempo Pull Ups x 5-10. Pause for 1 second at the top. 2 second descent.

Weighted Alternating Lateral Lunge: 20 lunges total. Hold Barbell on back or hold dumbbell/kb in front of you like a goblet squat.

Farmers carry HEAVY:100’

Life As a C- Pull-er

Many moons ago, when I was still a moderately average lifter, I was a chronic “C-pull-er”.

Webster dictionary defines a “C-pull-er” as: “someone who spends hours a day working on getting their legs stronger only to discover that he/she does not know how to actually use said legs as his/her source of power…thus relying on hip drive more than leg drive”.

…. or something like that.

Hip drive in olympic weightlifting is extremely important. BUT the hips can only come into play AFTER the legs have completely exerted their efforts.

What does that mean exactly?

Let’s say you’re testing your one rep max vertical jump. You push your full foot STRAIGHT through the ground and exert ALL of your energy into trying to get your body UP as high as possible.

Without even thinking about them, your hips naturally travel up as well!

That’s the drive we’re looking for in the snatch, clean and jerk (without leaving the ground that much, obviously)

The problem is, when we put a barbell in our hands, we forget what it means to jump and we start doing weird things with our legs and hips.

I see a TON of athletes jump with about 50% effort through their legs…and then, they try to compensate for the 50% that was lost by driving their hips THROUGH the bar. When this happens, the bar doesn’t travel UP to it’s maximum height (and it it’s probably traveling OUT too because it’s really hard to keep it close when your hips are pushing it forward). Not allowing the bar to reach it’s maximum height makes our pull under significantly harder! You’ll feel like you’re sneaking under the weight.

One thing that helps me is to think about my actions creating an equal to or opposite reaction (I’m basically a physicist). If I push STRAIGHT through the ground with my whole entire leg.. from my foot all the way up to the top of my quad… AND THEN allow all of that energy to transfer and flow into lifting my hips up, that’s going to create a lot of height on the bar! AND the bar will be moving straight up with great speed and velocity…which is always a beautiful feeling!

That is A LOT of writing (and reading on your part) just to say: if my leg drive is weak and my hips go OUT, the bar goes OUT. If my leg drive is strong and my hips go UP, the bar goes UP.

My coach, Aimee Anaya Everett likes to give me a warm up drill where I do jumping snatch pulls with the barbell and/or light weight. It’s exactly like a snatch pull, but I actually jump high so that I can feel the sensation of using my legs. I focus in and hold onto that sensation and try to recreate it on my actual lifts. Try it out and let me know if it works!

-Sage Burgener

Monday, Dec 11, 2017- Week Seven- Day One

Last week until deload and a change of pace! Hang in there!

1. Snatch push press+ OHS + Snatch Balance (1+2+2) x3sets @ 77% of best snatch. (1+1+1) x 3sets @ 80% of best snatch.

(Perform 10 Banded Scap Pull Aparts or crossover symmetry in between sets)

2. Snatch Lift off to below the knee+ Snatch:(2+2) x 2, (2+1)x2, (1+1) x3.  Work up in weight each set.

3. Back Squat: 10×3 @ 87%. Last week of these! Hang in there! Although it may feel like it, I promise you’re not ACTUALLY going to die!

4. 3 sets:

Tempo Single Leg Squat to box (or no box if mobility allows) x 10 each leg. 3 second descent, explode up.

Barbell Hip Bridges w/ resistance band around knees x 12 with 3 second hold at top to squeeze glutes.

Straight arm  Plank on Boxes with weight hanging from hip sx 60 sec.