Wednesday, April 17, 2019-Week Nine- Day Three

3 sets:

Bear Crawl with Bumper Plate on Back x 50ft.

100m DB Farmers Carry (HEAVY)

Hollow Hold DB Bench x 10. In hollow position, do DB bench


Muscle Snatch + Vertical Jump with Barbell (3+5) x 3 sets

Pause Mid Knee Snatch (Pause at mid knee and pause in receive) + Pause Snatch (pause in the bottom for 3 seconds): (2+1) x 2 sets, (1+1) x 3. 

Back Squat + Front Squat (3+2) x 5 sets. 

Seated DB Rotational Press x 10 (palms facing you at bottom, palms facing away from you at the top). 

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