Tuesday, March 19, 2019-Week Five- Day Two

3 sets:

DB Russian Step ups x 8 each leg

Dead Bug Hold x 30 sec + Plank x 30 sec

Banded Hip Bridges x 10

Crossover Symmetry: I, T, Y’s x 7 each 


Strict DB Press: Take 6 sets or less to establish a heavy set of 5.

Jerk Dip + Push Jerk + Jerk Dip+ Jerk: (1+1+1+1) x 3 working sets.

Clean from 1” off floor: 4×3. Work from the top down. Make sure your initial deadlift off the ground is done with good technique!!

Snatch Deadlift on 2” Riser: 3×3 @ heavy load. 

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