Positions Off The Floor

When performing the lifts, it’s easy to get caught up on everything that happens after the first pull.

It’s way more fun thinking about a vicious extension or keeping the bar close, or having a strong turnover!

While those things are INSANELY important, it is nearly impossible to successfully execute them if any one of the positions off the floor is missed.

So, drill your positions off the ground!

Spend a lot of time pausing at each position and tune into how your body feels at each spot.

How do your feet feel against the ground? What is your back angle supposed to look like? Are you bracing your midline? Are you balanced with the bar?

Don’t know where you’re supposed to be or how you’re supposed to feel? Don’t fret!!

Here’s a break down of all the positions we want you to drill:

  • 1” off the floor: Weight on ball of foot. Hips slightly above the knees. Shoulders over the toes. Lats engaged. 
  • Below the knee: Weight on mid foot. Full foot gripping the floor. Shins straight. Weight balanced directly above the bar. Lats engaged. 
  • Above the knee: Weight on full foot. Toes and heels gripping the floor equally. Sitting back EXACTLY the same amount that the bar is pulling you forward. No more, no less. Shins straight. Legs loaded. Lats engaged. Mid line braced HARD. 
  • Mid Thigh: Weight on full foot. Thought process: “WAIT!! Be patient (without slowing down) stay over the bar for one more second before jumping!”
  • Hips/ Power Position: Weight on the full foot. Shoulders directly ABOVE the bar.. not in front, not behind. Legs and glutes loaded and ready to fire. 

For a visual representation, head over to our CrossFit Weightlifting Instagram page!!


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