Why do you choose olympic weightlifting to be your sport?

Why do you choose olympic weightlifting to be your sport?

Do you do it for the gram? Do you do it to stay in shape?  Do you do it because lifting heavy steel over your head, fast,  makes you feel like a badass? 

Any one of these reasons is fine and great! There is not one reason that is better than the other. However, I do believe, no matter what your reason is…it needs to be paired with a love for the sport. 

Olympic lifting is physically, mentally and emotionally exhilarating, yet exhausting. Day in and day out we put our bodies through tedious, strenuous work all while challenging our minds to try and comprehend the most minuscule technical details of a EXTREMELY difficult movement.  

Knowing these challenges, if there is no love and passion for the sport, how can we find the motivation to get our butts in the gym day after day?

That’s where love and passion come in. 

If you want to cut it as an olympic weightlifter, you need to possess unyielding, unconditional love for this sport and all that it entails: the excitement of peaks, the depression of plateaus, the stress of meets, the tedious years of training, the perfect training cycles that end with a bomb out in competition, the worst training cycles ever that lead to PR lifts, the injuries, the surgeries, the tears of heartache and the tears of joy. 

If you have that, paired with the kind of passion that makes you CRAVE uncomfortable lessons that propel you into a life full of complete understanding of who you are as an athlete, then you’re doing this sport for all the right reasons. And I can’t wait to see where you go. 

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