Wednesday, February 7, 2018- Week Three- Day Three

1. Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch Balance (1+1+1) x 5. Stay light and just work speed and have fun with a new complex!

2. 3 sets of:

Jumping Box Squats x 5-7. I want these to be super explosive. Go heavy, but pick a weight where you can drive up hard!

rest 60 sec

Landmine Rows x 10 each arm.

rest 2 min

3. 3 sets of:

Back Rack Bulgarian Split Squats x 5 each leg. Try and add a little weight on these.

rest 60 sec

Push Ups with bumper plates on back x 5-10. Go as heavy as possible.

rest 2 min

4. 3 sets of:

Weighted Plank x 60-75 sec

rest 60 sec

Weighted Back Extension x 15 reps

rest 2 min

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