Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017- Week Six- Day Two

1. Push Jerk+ Jerk (2+2) x 3, (2+1) x 2. Move up in weight each set. Try and go heavier than last week.

(Mark your proper foot position and do 10 jerk lands with no weight in between sets. Check blog post on 5 points of performance to make sure your position is correct)

2. Clean Deadlift to 2” off the ground (pause for 2 seconds) + Clean + Jerk: (2+1+1) x 2 @ 74% of best clean and jerk, (1+1+1) x 3 @ 77% of best clean and jerk.

3. Clean Pulls: 4×3 @ 97% of best clean

4. 3 Sets:

Weighted Chin ups x 5-10

Lateral Barbell step ups x 10 each leg. Perform all reps on right leg before switching to left leg.

1 arm db or kb farmers carry (aka suitcase carry): heavy. 50’ each way.

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