Monday, December 4th, 2017- Week Six- Day One

1. Snatch push press+ OHS + Snatch Balance (2+2+1) x3sets @ 74% of best snatch. (1+2+1) x 2sets @ 77% of best snatch.

(Perform 10 Banded Scap Pull Aparts or crossover symmetry in between sets)

2. 2 Pos Snatch: (Above the knee + Floor) x 5 working sets (meaning.. don’t count your warm up sets as part of the 5 sets! “Warm up sets” generally end around 60-65%) Try and go a little heavier than last week.

3. Back Squat: 10×3 @ 85%

4. 3 sets:

Single Leg Squat to box (or no box if mobility allows)x 10 each leg. Try and get your hip below parallel. Perform weighted if you want to be a champion 😉

Barbell Hip Bridges w/ resistance band around kneesx 10 with 2 second hold at top to squeeze glutes.

Plank on Boxes with weight hanging from hipsx 60 sec

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