Tuesday, November 28, 2017- Week Five- Day Two

1. Push Jerk+ Jerk (2+2) x 3, (2+1) x 2. Move up in weight each set.

(Mark your proper foot position and do 10 jerk lands with no weight in between sets. Check blog post on 5 points of performance to make sure your position is correct)

2. Clean Deadlift to 2” off the ground (pause for 2 seconds) + Clean + Jerk: (2+1+1) x 2 @ 70-72% of best clean and jerk, (1+1+1) x 3 @ 74% of best clean and jerk.

3. Clean Pulls: 4×3 @ 95-97% of best clean

4. 3 Sets:

Strict Pull ups with wide grip x 10

Barbell step ups x 10 each leg. Perform all reps on right leg before switching to left leg.

1 arm db or kb farmers carry (aka suitcase carry): heavy. 50’ each way.

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