Tuesday-October 10,2017- Week Three- Day Two

1. Tempo Clean Deadlift (take 10 seconds to get into power position)+Muscle Clean+Front Squat+ Strict Press in Front Squat position: (3+3+3+3)x 3 sets. *This should be light! It’s a great warm up! Focus in on technique and hit PERFECT positions.

2. Clean Pull + Clean+ Front Squat+ Jerk: 5 sets. Move up in weight each set. Don’t start counting sets until you got to 60%.

3. Push Press: Take 5 sets or less to work up to a heavy set of 5.

4. Clean Pulls: 3×3 with 95% of your best clean and jerk. Use Straps.

5. 3 sets:

Reverse Hypers x20

Bent Over Barbell Row x15

2 Responses to “Tuesday-October 10,2017- Week Three- Day Two”

  1. Ken palmer

    What amount of wesught should be used on reverse hyper?

    Also, is there an app with all your programming ?


    • Sage Burgener

      Hi Ken!!

      There’s no specific weight needed for the reverse hyper. Just go based off of feel, even if that means you don’t use weight at all!! Unfortunately, we do not have an app with my programming!


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