Wednesday – December 7


1: 10 rounds – Every 90 seconds, perform:

-1x 100m sprint

*Start the first round at about 50% and increase the intensity each round. The last 5 rounds should be done at threshold pace.

2: Deadlift (deload week): Warm up then:

-50% x 5 reps

-60% x 5 reps

-70% x 5 reps

*If you have a true 1 RM, take percentages off 90% of that number.

Work Capacity: Complete as many reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

-Row 250m

-Max rep unbroken muscle up

*Do not game the muscle ups for this workout and only come off the rings once you hit muscle failure.

Core: Complete 5 rounds of:

-5x front rack Sotts press (Work up to a max for the day)

-Rest as needed

5 Responses to “Wednesday – December 7”

  1. Sponge

    50% : 225lbs
    60% : 275lbs
    70% : 300lbs
    25 Muscle ups šŸ™ goal was 30
    60 pounds for sotts press

  2. Brad

    10x100m on the ski erg
    Deadlift deload done
    6 rounds of rowing
    Completed 19 MU. Was trying for 20
    Core done:

  3. Yuko Sakuyama

    Work Capacity: 29 reps with 5 rounds (30 seconds remaining)
    I stopped the WOD because I ripped my hand.

  4. Mallory

    Sprints done!
    Deadlift: 115#x5, 140×5, 160×5
    WC: can’t do MUs so subbed ring rows and banded ring dips: 16+10, 10+5, 7+7, 10+5
    Sotts: worked up to 60×5, got 65×3 but lost core and couldn’t lock out on the last 2.


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