Monday – December 5

1: Power snatch-Work up to a heavy single.

2: “Death by power snatch” For as long as possible, every 60 seconds perform:
-1x power snatch (60% of heavy single)
*Add 1 rep each round. Round 2 will consist of 2x power snatch, rd 3 = 3x power snatch, etc. Continue until you are unable to perform the prescribed reps in the allotted time.

3: Back squat (Deload week): 50%x 5 reps, 55%x 5 reps, 60%x 5 reps.

Work Capacity: In 10 minutes, complete the following:
-Run 1 mile
-Max rep overhead squat (75#/55#)

Core: For max reps:
-Tabata toes to bar

11 Responses to “Monday – December 5”

  1. Nino

    Snatch got 88kg, failed at 90kg.

    Death by power snatch: @ 60kg, completed 8 minutes, failed at 9th minute got 6 reps. Goal was 10min, but 60kg is more then 60% of my 1RM but I wanted to get comfortable at using 60kg at power snatch.

    Squats done:

    Met con: 45 reps Rx unbroken, shoulders gave up dropped the weight on my head :)). Didn’t knock my self out so all good.

    Core done, toes to bar need improvements

  2. Najm Mamkegh

    1)- reached 90kg in 8:00
    2)- death by p.snatch : finished the 10th min
    3)- Wod : 77 ohs RX
    4)- core : evening ,no time lift

  3. Amber H

    Power snatch: worked to 75# (failed 85#)

    Snatch complex: 60% was 45# but I worked with 55# so I could use bumper plates from the floor. Completed 6 rounds.

    Back squat: calculated from 90% 1rm
    60# x5, 65# x5, 75# x5

    Work capacity: Finished run with 2 minutes remaining, didn’t go on to OH squats because my legs felt like jello.

    Core: completed 2 rounds for 33 reps then stopped due to hands

  4. Alai

    Did a deload of PP and this metcon, I wasn’t able to train yesterday because of a strange pain on my ribs that didn’t go away. I was feeling ok today, but as soon as I went out for that mile, it started killing me. The only reason why I didn’t stop was pride… so something that should’ve taken 6:30ish ended up taking 7:37. I got 48 squats in agony.

  5. Becky

    I love this programming I know is free but is really hard to follow the programing when is 3pm and I don’t see a wod I guess I rest today and do tomorrow today wod.
    Thanks this is an awesome program to follow

    • Brad

      Most people just follow a day behind. It happens a lot with how busy they get. It’s usually best to do it that way.

    • Mallory

      Our small group actually follows the whole week behind so we don’t run into missing a WOD. That way we do Monday’s on a Monday and so on, so we can try to work our muscles the same way y’all are! It works for us! Just a suggestion. ? Happy WOD-ing!

  6. mahmoud farghaly

    75 kg/ 165 lbs power snatch
    Death by snatch reached rep 8 in min 9
    Capacity did 20 unbroken ohs
    Tabata : ended up with 50 reps

  7. Davis

    P snatch 145 lbs
    death by P snatch 100 lbs 10 min plus 8
    WOD: OHS 40 reps
    Tabata T@B : 45 reps

  8. Mallory

    Snatch: up to 85#; really need to work on power position.
    Death by Snatch: 51#, finished 10 PS, but wimped out on trying four round 11.
    Back squats: 93×5, 102×5, 111×5 (wasn’t sure if deload was supposed to be off 90% but that’s what I did)
    WOD: mile in 11:16, no OH squats (never hit a sub-10 mile before so I didn’t think I’d get to the squats, but this was my 2nd best mile time ever so I’m okay with it.)
    No tabata as I was laid out from trying to push the mile lol


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