Monday – December 12

1: Establish a daily max vertical jump

2: Back squat: Warm up, then:
-65%x 5 reps, 75%x 5 reps, 85%x 5+ reps.
Add 10# to your back squat PB, then take the percentages from 90% of that number for the next 3 weeks of this cycle.

Work Capacity: “Snatch Bear Complex” 5 rounds -For max load:
-7x unbroken snatch bear complex
*1 rep = 1x power snatch + 1x overhead squat + 1x snatch push press + 1x overhead squat. It is OK to link reps into a squat snatch + snatch balance.
*Rest as needed between rounds

Core: 3 rounds:
-8x Snatch grip RDL (Light – Medium weight)(You choose the weight)
*Pause for 1 FULL second at the launch position and full extension.

7 Responses to “Monday – December 12”

  1. Alai

    I jumped next to the wall, a little over the 9-foot line for wall balls (I’m 5’7”)
    Did my squats with the new numbers, I got 5 reps at my new 90%
    My right palm is still hurting from the day I ripped, so I had to stop after 7 reps at 50 kilos… I know I had at least 60, but the transition was killing me, the bar landed exactly where my wound is… I put some tape on it but it still hurt like a mofo

  2. Travis Isaac

    Squats: 235, 270, 305×5
    Snatch Complex: Definite challenge for me. 95, 115, 135. Attempted 145 and couldn’t make it.
    Core: Done with 185x3x8

  3. Amber H

    1. reach plus 1 1/4 feet
    2. 85# x5, 100# x5, 110# x7
    3. Snatch Bear Complex 35# to 55#
    4. Snatch grip RDL 65#

  4. rouxleone

    been following since liftoff programming was released.. i train mon-fri and have to miss the saturday workouts but it’s been a blast!!

    question: daily max vert? as in testing daily?

    – best of 3 attempts was 18″

    – back squats: 170# 195# 8@220#

    – snatch bear: all in #s 35, 65, 70, 75, 80, died

    – snatch grip rdl: 65, 75, 80 new movement and hands were about to rip

  5. Nino

    Vertical jump, had to jump up the wall, got just below the 9 foot wall ball line. Was aiming for the line.

    Back squats done 100kg, 110kg, 120kg

    Snatch complex: 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg. That was taxing.

    Snatch grip deads: 80kg, 100kg, 120kg

  6. Vince

    1. reach plus about 2 feet, im guesstimating anywhere between 22-25 inches conservatively
    (5’9, 165)
    2. 225/255/295×6
    3. Snatch Bear Complex, barbell till round 3, 65# for last two rounds
    4. Snatch grip RDL 95#

  7. Mallory

    Vertical jump: 15 inches (not bad for a 5 ft nothing gal! Lol)
    Back squats: 127#x5, 146×5, 166×12
    Snatch bear complex: 35, 45, 55, 60, 65
    Snatch rdl: 85#


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