Friday – December 9


1. Clean block work (1″ below the knee): 10 rounds- Every 2 minutes, compete:
-1x Clean pull + 1x Clean + 1x Jerk (work up to a heavy working set for the day)

2. 2 rounds:

-60 seconds max rep clean and jerk (135#/95#)
-60 seconds rest
-60 seconds max rep clean and jerk (155#/105#)
-60 seconds rest
-60 seconds max rep clean and jerk (185#/125#)
-Rest 3 minutes

*For section 2, CrossFit standards apply for the clean and jerk (I.E.: squat is not required)

Complete 7 rounds for time of:

-Run 400m
-21x walking lunges
-15x pull-ups
-9x burpees

Post loads and time to comments.

8 Responses to “Friday – December 9”

  1. Brad

    1. Stayed relatively light on the clean portion today worked up to 185lb. Wants to focus on my jerk form since it’s so awful.

    2. Hit 10-11 reps @ 135lbs for both rounds, 5-6 reps @ 155lbs for both rounds, and 5 reps @ 185lbs for both rounds

    Work Capacity
    Had to use a treadmill for the run. Was a nice long metcon. Good conditioning and I enjoyed it. Thanks for the programming.

  2. Nino

    Clean complex worked up to 110kg

    Round 1) 11@ 135lb, 10@ 155lb, 7@ 185lb
    Round 2) 12@ 135lb, 11@ 155lb, 8@ 185lb
    Goal was to get one extra rep in round 2, tick…

    WC: 26:40 Rx that was good ?

  3. Alai

    Worked up to 90 kilos on the complex, missed the jerk at 95 (that’s been happening for a while now…)
    I have some pain on one of my elbows and if I don’t catch the bar in a perfect front rack position, it hurts like hell. I was warming up for the 60 second rounds and I caught a 155 clean a little bit low and it started to hurt, so I did some power clean and jerk tech work with all the weights and called it a day for barbell stuff.
    23:59 RX for the metcon, I realised I didn’t push as hard as I should have on the 400s, unbroken on every round of pull ups even though I ripped my right palm (on the third round, ouch…) because I lost mine so I used somebody elses gymnastics grips and the right one had something that hurt me.

  4. Vince


    1. Worked up to 205, no blocks so had to do it from hang at appropriated height

    2. 2 rounds:

    Hit 3 reps each weight throughout the entire cycle
    135×3 155×3 185×5 – both barbell cycling is terrible and wanted to hit solid reps, all were power/jerk

    This was loooooong and paced, somewhere in the 30 min range, strict pullups

    Post loads and time to comments.

  5. Travis Isaac

    Complex: 305#
    CJ Work Capcity: 13 at 135#, 10 at 155#, 8 at 185# for both rounds.
    Metcon: 29:40. Subbed 400m row for run. Think this was probably slower for me. Everything else Rx and unbroken.


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