Why The CrossFit Weightlifting Trainers Course?

Josh Everett by Josh Everett

Over the last decade, CrossFit has created an explosion in participation in weightlifting, and thus a large market for weightlifting courses and seminars. For the consumer, there is a wide variety in choice of weightlifting courses in terms of content, instructor background, and brand. My goal is to give you three reasons for choosing to attend a CrossFit Weightlifting Training Course.

1. The goals of the Course
You will leave the CrossFit Weightlifting Trainers Course with a crystal clear understanding of how to progress someone from the nine foundational movements taught in depth at the CF L1 Course and be able to safely, efficiently, and effectively teach the snatch, clean, and jerk. Coach Mike Burgener has developed a systematic approach to teaching these lifts. Coach B has taken arguably the most complex movements you can do with a barbell and made them simple to teach and learn. Once you have an understanding of the fundamentals of teaching, you also will walk away with an arsenal of drills to fix your intermediate and advanced athletes.

2. The Community
The CrossFit Weightlifting Course has been developed by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. Everyone on our staff has a CF L1 and understands and your goals as a CrossFit athlete and coach. We understand how and why you want to implement these movements in the CrossFit setting, and we have extensive experience in weightlifting specifically. The course also accounts for and assumes a background and competence that CrossFitters have in regards to what has been learned at the CF L1, and we build from that base.

3. The Brand:
As a CrossFit trainer or affiliate owner, you continue to strengthen and reinforce the CrossFit brand as the world leader in fitness related education and training when you choose to come to a CrossFit course. By making CrossFit the authority in fitness, you strengthen the brand under which you fly your flag.

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6 Responses to “Why The CrossFit Weightlifting Trainers Course?”

  1. Rich Canal

    Would like to know if a crossfit weight lifters course will be coming to Utah in the near future. I have a USAW L1 cert and would like to earn a CFWL L1.

  2. Dave Stewart

    Just wondering if the crossfit weightling course is coming back to Toronto, Ont any time in 2016, or early 2017?

    Thanks Dave Stewart


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