Go Home Happy!

Josh Everett Go Home Happy!
by Josh Everett

There are certain rules adhered to at Mike’s Gym in Bonsal, CA. Coach Burgener was always adamant that when you hit a PR you were done for the day on that lift. He absolutely would not allow his athletes to hit a PR, add weight and go for another record, no matter how good the lift looked or felt.

There are some very good physiological reasons to heed this advice, but Coach B’s was more psychological. Go home happy. If you put on more weight and miss, no matter how good you felt about yourself after the PR, you go home thinking about the miss. Digging a little deeper, think about the law of averages: that PR probably came on a lift where you put it all together. Most likely your next lift will not be as good at the heavier weight.

Some pulls are perfect, some terrible, most of your pulls are somewhere in the middle, and the chances of two perfect pulls in a row are minimal. How then do you push your average pull closer to being just like your perfect pull? Threshold training as described in the CrossFit Level 1 course. For the Snatch, Clean, Jerk that generally occurs in the 80-85% range, maybe singles at 90%ish. Spend most of your time training in these percentile ranges.

If you are following Coach B’s programming, you know you’ll get plenty of chances to set new PR’s in the near future. Hit your PR, get some high fives, a shout of “OUTSTANDING!” from Coach B and go home happy!

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  1. Pete

    I see the sense in this. Not only does not attempting a second PR stop you from getting disappointed if you don’t you make it. It gets you more excited for your next session to see if you can make it then. There’s no need to rush these things :-).


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