Part two of the Burgener Warm Up is ELBOWS HIGH AND OUTSIDE, and it teaches you to keep the bar close.

This is what it looks like in a lift: From the ground, the athlete is generating upward momentum on the barbell, FINISH, and elbows will follow into this position. There’s a change of direction point where the barbell will float for split second, and the athlete’s job is to aggressively pull their body DOWN to receive the barbell. This athlete: he’s pulling his body DOWN.

A snatch is nothing more than a jump and a land. Weightlifting is a sport of positions and physics, actions and reactions. The Burgener Warm Up is fundamental in focusing on and reinforcing proper positions. Do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, and your lifts will improve. GUARANTEED.

CLICK HERE to download your free PDF of the Burgener Warm Up

9 Responses to “BURGENER WARM UP”

  1. Alex

    Elbows high and outside! got it. I had a problem with my rotator cuffs, and now I’m using a roll-on to relieve the pain. Still getting used to the snatch though, but I should be fine with practice.

    Reference of roll-on: http://www.gladdn.com

  2. Lucilla

    To aggressively pull the body DOWN to receive the barbell is key!

  3. top

    I know that it is important to warm up before the training. It helps our body to prepare for big loads. Thank you a lot for sharing this information with the readers.


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