2016 GOAL: INCREASE 1RM Snatch


There is a LINEAR PROGRESSION from 1RM Snatch to Snatch Push Press + OHS to Snatch Balance. Ideally, you should be able to snatch balance 110%+ your 1RM snatch; what we see more often though is athletes who have a moderate 1RM snatch, super heavy OHS, and weak snatch balance. Want to increase your 1RM? Work on snatch balance.

Casey Burgner’s progression went like this:
1RM Snatch: 182 kg/400 lbs.
Snatch PP + OHS: 190 kg/418 lbs.
Snatch balance: 205 kg/451 lbs.

The fact that Casey was able to snatch balance 205 kg/451 lb. left zero doubt in his mind that he could snatch 182 kg/400 lb. Heavy snatch balances build confidence in the lifter in pressing the body DOWN aggressively under a heavy load.

10580746_1278032098889045_1600228893486069789_o Doug Carbal read about snatch balances a few months ago and added them to his programming. Doug let us know his results: Thank you! @crossfit_weightlifting I had read this before on the site a few months ago and that’s when I began to focus on the snatch balance. I’ve since made huge progress in both my snatch and OHS. 230lb. snatch balance, 225 lb.OHS, 200 lb. Snatch

If you cannot snatch balance at least 110% of your 1RM snatch, make that your 2016 goal, and watch your 1RM snatch increase right along with it!

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  1. Jama Anders

    Thanks for this. I have huge trouble with my overhead squat. I believed it to just be weak legs but have since noticed a correlation between core and shoulder imbalance/strength as main culprit. I snatched 226# recently having never OHS more than 230# plus snatch balance was none existent. However, a couple of weeks later just snatch balanced 245# for a PR. Felt like 250# was there too which interestingly enough works to your formula. This gives me a huge boost in confidence to build both snatch balance and handle OH weight in the snatch.


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